Garage Door Repair Denver

Garage Door Repair Denver

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If you are in the Denver area, and are looking for a quality, affordable garage door repair company, you have found Johnson Garage Doors. We offer the best in garage door repair, and service the entire Denver Metro area. No matter what the problem is, the experts at Johnson Garage Doors can determine the source of the issue, and repair your garage door with ease.

A faulty garage door is annoying, and if the door is off track or skewed, the lopsided garage door will be the first thing neighbors and visitors notice as they look at your house. At Johnson Garage Doors, we’ll come to your residential Denver home and fix that problem the same day you call us, limiting the headache and the hassle.

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You may have noticed that your garage door works by moving up or down on tracks. The power to these tracks comes from torsion springs that control that lifting and closing of the garage door. An incorrectly sized or faulty spring is the culprit of many garage door problems! Garage door springs should be repaired by professionals only! Attempting to repair garage door springs is dangerous – the spring can release, and the weight of the garage door is too heavy for an inexperienced person to tackle alone.

Expert Repair and Maintenance

Rather than attempting difficult garage door repairs on your own, trust our experts at Johnson Garage Doors! We specialize in garage door repair in the Denver area and know how to correctly size and repair springs. Some garage doors are installed with incorrectly sized springs that will cause problems much sooner than a correctly installed door. Our professionals are qualified to assess and solve your garage door woes and can service any brand of door. We guarantee satisfaction and offer a warranty on all of our repairs, too!

Same Day Service

When you call our team at Johnson Garage Doors, we’ll give you an expected same-day service time. We’ll also keep you informed along the way – if we are running earlier or later, we’ll keep you posted the whole way through. We will even call you when we are on our way to your home so that you are able to make sure someone is there to speak with us in person.

  • Same day service and repair
  • Free estimates and upfront costs
  • Repairs for any brand
  • Exclusive to the Denver area

It’s not too good to be true!

Call Johnson Garage Doors at (720) 233-1588 now and we’ll be there today to repair your door and get you rolling again!