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Being in business for over 30 years in the Denver area means that we know garage doors. We can work with both manual garage doors and automatic garage doors. However, our specialty is automatic garage door openers.

Upgrade the Outdated!

Upgrading or replacing your outdated system may be easier than you think. Garage door openers are a very affordable luxury these days. Many older homes that were built with garage doors that must be manually opened can be seamlessly transitioned to the more convenient automatic openers. Call Johnson Garage Doors today to discuss installation options! Our team of experts are ready to discuss your options with you.

Garage Door Opener Denver

Johnson Garage Doors can service and repair any brand of opener. In over 30 years, we haven’t yet met a brand that could stump us or prevent a repair. We can also quickly inspect your opener to make sure it is up to date and safe in accordance with electrical and wiring codes. To provide the highest levels of safety and satisfaction, we recommend that any opener more than 20 years old be replaced, not repaired.

LiftMaster Installation

Although we are well-equipped to take on any brand of opener, Johnson Garage Doors is proud to install LiftMaster garage door openers for residential homes in the Denver area. LiftMaster openers are the highest quality openers and they provide a large selection, including:

  • Belt drive openers, which are quieter than most other models
  • Chain drive openers, which are the most popular, durable, and reliable
  • Screw drive openers, which are designed for extreme climates and temperatures
  • Wall mount openers, which free up ceiling space and have an optional standby system that will work even if the electricity is out

Our team at Johnson Garage Doors provides next-day installation on all LiftMaster openers. We are ready to come to your Denver home and provide you with a free estimate on your opener installation today.

Contact a garage door opener specialist at Johnson Garage Doors at (720) 233-1588 to discuss which type of opener is the best choice for your home today!