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Your garage door is the largest feature in the front of your home. It ties in with the rest of your home to provide an overall first impression that can look amazing if done properly, or shabby if done improperly. Johnson Garage Doors has over 30 years of experience installing garage doors that complement your Denver house and lifestyle, so you can rest assured knowing the job will be done right.

Beyond the look of the door, you want a durable, long lasting, high quality product. After all, the garage door is the most used door in the house, and it should be able to withstand heavy use. In addition, you want a door that can withstand all of the elements and severe weather of our demanding Denver climate without taking a scratch.

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Safe-Way brand garage doors

Johnson Garage Doors has the answer! Although we can service and repair any brand of garage door, we are proud to exclusively install Safe-Way doors in all of our residential Denver homes. Safe-Way Garage Doors offer stylish and long-lasting garage doors made of either steel or wood. Our certified professionals are ready to speak with you about door options now!

Installing a new garage door is a fast and cost-effective way to give the front of your home a fresh, new look. With all our customization options, you are able to choose the material, insulation type, windows, and paneling of the door – it’s like a garage makeover!

Johnson Garage Doors, serving the Denver area, offers all brands and models of Safe-Way doors. We are prepared to come to your home to discuss door options with you and provide you with an upfront estimate, including cost, installation, and removal and disposal of the old door. Our estimates are final – the price we quote you is the price you pay.

When you accept an estimate from us at Johnson Garage Doors, we provide you with an appointment time for the following day. Our next-day door installation policy is designed to guarantee that your new Safe-Way garage door is operational by the end of the following day.

Call us today at (720) 233-1588 to change the look of your home and get your garage back in business with an affordable, top-of-the-line garage door!

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